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Andras Joan Fictoor

Bergdijk 8
5712 PW Someren
The Netherlands
M  +31 (0)6 143 22 199





over mij/about me

Married to Myra de Groot
(owner MDG entertainment producties)

Being a creative centipede definitely has benefits. To feel at home in almost 
any stage of design, production and execution gives me great pleasure.
Be it 3D design for interior design or events, music composition or audio production,
creating and directing film and media productions, executing and producing (inter)national events or
lay the ground work for new visual identities,in each phase of a production I can align with many of the
great professionals I had the honour of working with in the past.

The benefit lies in the fact that understanding these stages enables me to keep the product or solution as close as possible to the heart of its origin.
Next to that it opens doors between disciplines that are overlooked in some cases. Connecting possibilities in a never ending learning curve.

My creativity starts with a spark. Usually triggered by a question, challenge or problem people share with me.
Using that as a starting point I dig deeper to find the heart of the question before connecting the dots and move ahead
to creating solutions or products. A new challenge every time, testing your common knowledge and tuning in to
different fields of expertise and worlds.
 For corporates I have developed solutions and products based on their identity and projected audience.
Be it for share-holders, stakeholders/investors, employees or press and media, I have developed events, film/media, branding and brand experiences.
During my career I have been able to support different c-suites in getting their messages across sometimes in crazy short timeframes.

More personal in a business sense are my encounters with small business owners.
In most cases these entrepreneurs are closely nit with the company and its history.
With deep insights in how their company works it is inspiring to sit down with them and find the best way to support them.
Changing identities, creating new corporate stories, brochures, websites and film/media has been a delight for me.

In other cases my creativity is not needed to develop products or solutions but for aligning idea’s into or along a strategy.
My relentless effort to discover the heart of idea’s, problems or questions enables clarity on which strategic scenarios can be build.

Tags: director, art-director, design (2d/3d), visualization, music composition, editor, audio producer,
light designer, photographer, voice over, script, technical producer, live-engineer (light/sound)